Welcome to Thaitastik formerly known as Thai Massage in DC.

The unique combination of Thai body work combined with stretching
technique makes you feel fantastic. This form of bodywork can be much more effective to address sore muscles and provide relaxation than a regular Swedish massage.

At Thaitastik you will have the opportunity to experience our unique Thai bodywork delivered by our highly trained professional therapists. You are invited to join us and experience the welcome only true guardians of the heritage of Thai massage can give.

This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, the client lies on a firm mat on the floor to allow better movement. Take time to relax and enjoy your wellbeing. Thaitastik promises an unforgettable Thai massage and body work experience.

If youíre new and donít know what to expect, Please check out our introduction page before making an appointment.

We're Open Daily from 10am-9pm By Appointment Only

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